What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

A visitor to the site asked me the question “what is the best way to make money online.”  Now this is going to sound like a cop out but the best way to make money online is subjective and depends on what your goal is in an online business. If you want to see more instant results from your work then affiliate marketing is something you should consider later and you should consider Drop-shipping or Freelancing first. If the short term is not something you care about and you want to make money on autopilot then Affiliate Marketing is definitely the way to go. This article is going to be broken into multiple parts discussing The three primary ways to make money online in-depth and I will discuss all of the benefits of each and the detractors as well. Also I will go into more advanced ways to make better money once the business has taken off.

In this article I will be discussing Affiliate marketing in the next one I will be discussing Drop-shipping and in my last I will be discussing Freelancing.


Is Affiliate Marketing A Good Business For Me?

In my opinion this is the best way to make money online but others opinions may vary.  Why do I feel it is the best for me then?  Well first it does take work and it does take time to start to see a return, but once the ball starts rolling it tends to snowball into more if you keep up with it.  Also once it has been established it becomes a passive source of income that can last you for the rest of your life.

So lets look in-depth into affiliate marketing all of the pluses and minuses of it.

First Up Is Niche Selection

Some people hold the opinion that there is no such thing as a bad niche and that passion for your niche will drive you up to the top of rankings.  I am not a believer in this niche selection I believe is essential, but can be worked around a little bit.  Think about it this way would you open up a sports vitamin store right next to a GNC?  No that would half your business and not benefit you.  Now if you opened up a weight lifting store right next to a GNC it would benefit both of your businesses greatly.  So in niche selection you have to think a little outside of the box.

If you open up a website called Weightlosscenter.com no amount of passion will dig you out of the huge volume of other sites doing the same thing.  I guess you could make some money if you really worked hard and I mean harder then you should, but there are better ways to go about niche selection.  A better niche would be howtoloseweightinyour30s.com this is definitely more specific but to be honest a person looking for that would be more prone to go to your website than Weightlosscenter.com because you speak specifically to their problems.

Another thing is if you find a great niche with lots of unique traffic and visitors but none of your visitors is a buyer.  I follow a guy online called the lazy ass stoner his first site was just like this.  He created a site about how to make a bong at home, and tried to sell this audience.  The problem is people who are looking to make a bong at home probably are not interested in buying an expensive bong you have on your site otherwise they would be searching for “what is the best bong to buy”.  So you must make sure your audience are in the buying mood otherwise you are just wasting your time if you want to make money in this business.

You need to select a low competition high searched niche and one that you can monetize easily.  Sounds kind of hard and even if you do everything right there is no guarantee you will succeed.  Your niche could just be a dud from the start.  So Niche selection is most crucial and could spell the end of your business before it even starts if you choose wrong.  With all of this said why do I prefer Affiliate Marketing.  Well because it doesn’t take much to test a website and see if it is a winner and second in most businesses you will fail more than you succeed, but when you succeed you will get a return many fold on all that you invested in all of your previous endeavors and having a passive source of income is worth more to me than trying and not succeeding in 9 out of 10 websites and having the 10th succeed.

The Leg Work

Lets get this out of the way Affiliate Marketing is not easy it takes work.  You will bust your hump in the first part and see very little if any return.  You will get discouraged trust me it has happened to me.  What keeps me motivated is my dream.  I want a good life for myself and my loved ones and I will not get that working some menial job that barely keeps up with inflation with raises.  Spending my extra time working on Affiliate Marketing rather than watching Netflix or Hulu is a better use of my time because it is working toward my financial freedom and even if all this work is for nothing in one niche the amount I have learned from one website I can carry over to the next and make that one go more easily and smoothly.

It is work though and if you do not want to work hard and wait patiently for your return later on then Affiliate Marketing probably is not for you at the moment.  Though I really do suggest you come back to the idea later on.

With All Of This Said

I love Affiliate Marketing I love building websites having something of mine out there and helping people is definitely worth it for me.  If you keep trying to working you will see money in this endeavor.  There are over 7 billion people in this world it just take find a way to help a small portion of them and they will reward you with buying what you offer up.

Offering Flexibility

Once a website is making money you can stop working so hard on it and start another and so on and so forth.  You can have multiple websites generating you tons of money and you don’t have to stop there you can just keep building your online empire until you feel you are making too much money.  Really the first website is the hardest and the one that is filled with the most doubt but once you start making money with one you will want to make more so since Affiliate Marketing is passive income you will have time to make other websites since you do not have to babysit this business like Freelancing and Drop-shipping.  So that long term is greater but the short term is much harder.  If you need money in the short term then really do try Freelancing or Drop-shipping but I really do suggest you give Affiliate marketing a try.

How To Make Way More Money

Once you have started to see good traffic and some sales there are ways to maximize your return and make way more money.  The first is to start an email list as soon as you can.  I know this website doesn’t have one I just have not found a provider I want to use yet.  Another way is to find your best selling product and see if you can make it better and sell your version to your audience.  This serves your audience better and also nets you way more profit since you get all of the revenue not just a percentage.  Also try to ad Adsense to your website if it fits, I have not on this site because I fear it will hurt more than help since my content is more informative than selling.


In Conclusion

As opposed to the two other methods of making money online Affiliate Marketing offers a gains for the long term but in the short term it is not easy to see much return but it does snow ball later on once you have put in the work.  This may not be for everyone but I ask you who doesn’t want some source of passive income that you barely have to think about at all?  I have a new eBook detailing everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and how to make real money with it check it out at this link.

Now if this does interest you I suggest Wealthy Affiliate they have a free service that is amazing and their premium service is well worth it as well they have helped me tremendously and I highly suggest them.  Here is a link to my review of them.

Part 2 is where we will discuss the business of Drop-shipping and other E-Commerce.

Thank you all for reading and please if you have a question or comment make sure to leave one down below.


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