How To Make Money With A Website Without Selling Anything

I get it you want to make money online but you think you have to have a product of your own to make money online.  This is a common misconception and one I am very happy to help you with.  You see there is something called Affiliate Marketing where you do not have to sell anything to make amazing money with a website of your own.

You have seen it before and never knew you were seeing it.  Let say you want a new espresso machine.  So you load up your computer and you type in best espresso machine and the year you are living in and you get a ton of web sites with their best pick for an espresso machine.  This information is not provided out of the goodness of the writers heart, no they offer up this information because one they know people are searching for it and two they get a good commission for referring buyers to the seller of the espresso machine.

The way to make money with a website and not sell anything is through affiliate marketing where you provide a link to another persons product and they provide you a commission for the referral.  Or you can also have a website that provides a space for ads and you get a bounty for every click your readers provide for the ad.

How To Make Money With A Website Without Selling Anything

The first step is to find a niche you want to write in.  This can be done by listing out all the products you own and see if any fit in a category or niche.  Like cookware, gaming hardware or dogs.  You could also make an entire site about coffee.

It is a good idea to niche down you could have a site about coffee and compete with everyone on the internet or you could make your life simpler and do what is called niche down where you find a sub niche that is not as competitive.  You do this by finding sup niches to work in, take dogs for example you could do a dog website or a site about corgis.  There are far less sites dedicated to corgis than just dogs in general.

Whatever niche you choose look around the internet for products that offer an affiliate commission.  Some good places to look are Amazon, Offervault, Clickbank, CJ Affiliate and the manufacturer of the product you like.  Most businesses have an affiliate program, you might need to inquire about it though.

Next is to make a website I suggest Hostgator I like them the best but any will do.  Start providing valuable content your readers will find helpful.  Like how to train your corgi on a leash then suggest products that can help with this.  You can link to Amazon for harnesses to keep your dog from choking.  You can link to a Clickbank product on how to train your dog.  The best part is you are not selling anything you are suggesting things that may help your reader in their life.  That is all.

We do this all the time when we find something that helps us save time or effort we spread the word to everyone we know.  Consider this a bigger platform to do this and instead of getting nothing in return for your trouble the company will provide you with a commission for your troubles.  The most important thing is being honest and helpful to your readers, only provide links to products that you believe in.

The next way to make money is to have ads run on your site.  You can sign up for Google Ads now and then find a good ad servicer later when your site grows.  This works by the creator of the ad bidding in an auction where the highest bidder wins a chance to be seen on your site the ad service runs the bidding and places the ad on your site.  If the ad gets clicked the creator gets billed and you and the ad service split up the bid.  Google ads has some of the worst in the industry percentages for you the owner of the site but they have a very low barrier of entry.


With the internet today it is easy to make money with a website and not have to sell anything.  Most sites do this through affiliate marketing and ads.  You can do this easily too.  If you want more information I wrote an Ebook detailing how to do this and compete now days.  If you want to start a website I suggest Hostgator I have had a great experience with them when I was with them.

If you want more ways to make money online then check out this article series where I break down three successful ways to make money online.

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