Wealthy Affiliate Review

In-depth Review Of Wealthy Affiliate


Company Name:  Wealthy Affiliate

Overall Rating:  95%

Web-page:  www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Starter Membership:  Completely free with two free websites and starter training, no credit card or anything required.

Premium Membership:  $49 a month or $359 per year with access to tons of training and much more.

Overall Opinion:  Definitely worth it more then enough value for your money.


What I Like
  • The amazing community
  • The web developer
  • The keyword tool
  • No up-sells ever
  • The wealth of knowledge
  • The step by step training
  • The starter membership is completely free and free forever
  • 25 free web-pages
  • Now including Jaxxy Lite
What I Don’t Like
  • The often cumbersome theme selection
  • Easy to get very overloaded with information








Who is this for:  Wealthy Affiliate is for those just starting in affiliate marketing and those who are of intermediate skill.  If you want to start or just want to improve your skills then this is for you.  If you, on the other hand, have a thriving business and are making what you want then it can not offer much more for you.  It also is not for those who do not want to commit time to affiliate marketing, because $49 a month is too much to spend if you are not going to put in the effort.  I did this, I let my account sit for three months and did not start affiliate marketing.  Luckily I did start my business but I did waste a lot of money getting in gear.


Wealthy Affiliate offers amazing features and training for those looking to start their own business.  Their web development is the easiest I have ever found.  The keyword tool is functional and works for most people.  The community is where Wealthy Affiliate shines the people are so helpful.  They will view your site for you and offer help.  They will give strategies and provide amazing training based off of their personal experience.  If you want to even try affiliate marketing I suggest you try at least the starter membership.

What you will get:

  • Getting started training that simplifies the process in easy to follow steps
  • Amazing in-depth Video training, Tutorial training, and Classrooms
  • Well Over 700,000 knowledgeable community members
  • Live and comprehensive help available 24/7
  • 2 free incredibly easy to set up websites
  • Secure hosting and very easy to use
  • Completely free to get started no up-sells, no pressure, no catches, and no credit card required.

How I found Wealthy Affiliate:  I was holding my beautiful future wife and she was crying.  She was telling me how she hates our current life and how she hates the job we both work.  I was heart broken because I felt so powerless.  All I want is to provide a good life for her and for my loved ones, but all I do is work a horrible job and make barely enough to live off of.  We worry about even spending $10 wondering if it would break us financially.  I had tried the online business before but gave up before I even really started.  Determined this time to make a better life for my future wife.  I went online and decided I would not be daunted.  I researched many different ways to make money.

One day stumbled upon someones blog talking about how they make a killing with affiliate marketing.  I was very suspicious at first.  How can someone make money off of a website I said to myself.  The more I read the more I started to believe it.  I got the book “From Newbie To Millionaire”  I read it cover to cover it offered a ton of information but no actionable plans.  Everything I read seemed as though they new more than they were telling.  They knew some secret that I did not know.  Yes they gave me some useful information, but not how to be successful.

I came back to the guys blog about how he made money through affiliate marketing and looked at his offer of Wealthy Affiliate.  I joined the starter membership and was amazed at the amount of information they offered up for free.  It was way more than I had found roaming the Internet trying to find the answer myself.  I joined the premium membership and found all the answers to my questions were there.  They had step by step guides on how to do everything from how to write an article that converts to how to drive insane amounts of traffic to your blog.  I feel like the secrets are no longer out of my grasp but in a very actionable easy to follow format that is so easy that I feel like a fool for not trying it sooner.

What To Expect

Starter Membership

Offering up two free websites to start your business you can keep and training on how to start them strong, the free membership is amazing.  You get access to the chat and the members for the first 7 days.  This is where you can decide if the premium membership is for you or not.  If you do decide to join the premium membership they offer a 59% discount for the first month that makes it only $20.

The main training is amazing it comes in 10 modules that are easy to follow and really help you get your new online business started.  There is a ton of training you can look at as a starter member that are created by the members that will help you.  Having access to chat for seven days is amazing because they can be a wealth of information for anyone starting out.

Premium Membership

With the Premium membership I found amazing training that took me step by step through how to make a website and then profit off of it.  They had amazing member created training as well.  All of it was designed for the members to start their business and start it well.

They had live webinars that I could watch when ever I wanted.  The one I watched was really helpful in how to set up my site.  I found that the chat offered a wealth of information.  Those on it really knew what they were doing and genuinely wanted to help.  There were some dead times, but for the most part I found an answer to my problems in short order.

I really enjoy their web developer it is so simple and they provide great training on how to use WordPress.  I never felt like I had with my original sites like I had too much to learn and no one to show me.

I used their keyword tool many times to look up words for my sites.  It was so much simpler then using Google Addwords to find a good keyword.  No longer will I have to first look at the keywords then use other tools to determine how much competition there is.  Their Keyword Planner has it all there and easy to access.

I did have one problem and that is I did find there was so much information I got very overwhelmed.  I decided to just stick with the training and not dive into the other stuff until I was done or if I needed additional information.

I found with Wealthy Affiliate’s training that I was not overwhelmed and I had a simple plan of action.  When I was researching it on my own I got so overwhelmed and could not figure out where to start let alone get people to see my site and start making money.  Their step by step training is the perfect answer to that, for me at least.

Here is their Getting Started Training

I find it a great product for the money with all that is included with web-hosting and a keyword tool.  It really is a great value and it keeps gaining in value as more content is added by the founders and the members daily.

My Opinion On Wealthy Affiliate And Special Bonuses

I definitely suggest using Wealthy Affiliate if you want to start your own online business.  It is one amazing platform that offers more than any other service out there and has a very affordable price.  If you decide to join the Premium Membership within the first 7 days then you will get a 59% discount for your first month and some bonus training I will provide to you.  Also if you join I will be there to help you with what ever you need.  With all the add ons like its keyword tool and its web-hosting service which would cost you over $30 alone.  It is definitely worth it, for all you get with the membership.

Try it for free and see what you think.


Starter Membership

  • Two free web-pages
  • Excellent starter training
  • Can keep for free forever

Premium Membership

  • 25 free web-pages
  • Host 25 of your domains
  • Great keyword planner
  • Amazing training both from Wealthy Affiliate and members
  • Great Affiliate program
  • Open Chat to ask any questions you have even of the owners
  • They analyze your site for how well it is doing
  • Access to amazing webinars that you can watch live or watch anytime later
  • Very easy web-page set up easiest there is
  • Now offering Jaxxy Lite an amazing offer


Starter Membership

  • Non really maybe that you can’t access chat after 7 days but not much else

Premium Membership

  • Tons of information you can get overloaded
  • Their Word Press themes are hard to navigate
  • Chat is Chat you wont always get an expert so try back again with your question

If you are interested you should give the starter membership a try there is nothing to lose and you get two free websites to keep.

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