The Top 5 Work From Home Jobs

The Top 5 Work From Home Jobs

We all dream of freedom from the daily grind and instead of getting dressed for work we make money while still in our pajamas.  It isn’t a dream there are legitimate ways to make money from home if you want to say good bye to your boss.

Here is a list though not comprehensive it is some of the best ways to make money online from home.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is a great avenue to make recurring and passive income. And unlike most other online professions it can cost little to nothing to start up. The general gyst of affilaite marketing is this. You promote some good or service that some one else sells. Basically you use a platform to advertise a good or service and when they click on your link they are directed to the sale page of the other business and they give you a commission for your troubles. This can be a great source of income that can be passive because if you use the right method like a website your website will be getting people while you are not even on it.
Now this method does take some working to get going but once it is rolling it takes off like a snow ball. There are many different ways to start I suggest you create your own website based on some niche you know about. For a more detailed view of this method check out this article. Also for a great start and 2 free websites here is a great free service that will get you started.

2. Dropshipping

Not so much hands off as the first method but more money to be made initially. Dropshipping is a great way to make an income. The way you start dropshipping is to first find a product that you can get for wholesale from a distributor that will ship to your clients. You then start selling the product through a website or some other portal that allows sales. Some people use E-Bay though it is a risk if your supplier does not have the products. You collect the money from the buyer you pay the dropshipper and they ship the product directly to the buyer and you do not have to worry about shipping and inventory.
This method is a pretty good out of the box kind of a deal you can make money at a faster rate initially than Affiliate Marketing, but it demands your attention more in the long term than Affiliate marketing where you can basically set it and forget it. Instead you have to make sure your supplier has stock and you have to field all customer service concerns because they think they are buying from you where instead you are being the middleman.

3. Virtual Assistant

Now this is a broad job. There are many things a Virtual Assistant (VA) can do and many more that probably will be discovered. Basically anything that can be done over the internet for another person is what a VA does. Normally this is secretarial work like transcription and scheduling but it can include other things to web design and finding workers for your employer. The jobs are endless and it is nice to be able to work out of your home.
How you get started in this career is you first must put your name out there. You can do this on UpWork or create your own website or just blast on social media that you offer VA services. It will not happen over night but if you are persistent you can start making money from home and even make more money that your regular day job. There are certain skills that sell for more and are in higher demand so I suggest you look up what skills are in high demand and you learn what ones you can this can be the difference between making $10 an hour to making $50 and remember the more you do it the higher you can charge.

4. Freelancer

Where as a VA normally does multiple jobs for one person a Freelancer does multiple jobs for multiple people. You sell your services to the highest bidder and make money on the open market. Now this can be feast to famine at times because you are counting on jobs to make money. If there are no jobs or you cannot get the jobs then you are living off of savings until you get the next payday. Now it does become easier with experience and other people knowing about you. Some people on UpWork alone make in the 6 figure range, but and this is a big but, they worked hard to become established in their field and be a leading member in what ever job they specialized in.
How you get started is a complex one. You can either join UpWork and let the chips fall where they may. Trust me though it is slow going at first. Getting that all elusive first job is very hard. Most people will not consider your application if you do not have any ratings. So go for the crap paying jobs and write a great cover letter that shows you read their job posting and you know what you are talking about. It may also help to let them know that you are new and you will work extra hard to get a 5 star rating. Another way to start is to go around your town offering up your services. This is a great strategy because first it gives you experience and also it gives you previous work that you can point to in your UpWork Account. Either way it is slow going at the start and if you work at it and not let rejection after rejection get to you and keep applying for jobs it can make you money.


5. YouTuber

Do you have a great voice or talent or just think you can make people laugh. Well then become a YouTuber. Thats right make money doing your favorite things like doing makeup, critiquing something or just playing a game and having thousand of other people watch you play it. Now it sounds too easy. Well like everything there is a catch, yes you can become an overnight sensation if you do it right and have content that people will love, but most of us will have to work hard for even 2 views let alone a 1000.
So how do you get started well sign up for YouTube first off. Once you have your account start recording some content. Once your content is done upload it and wait. Not really now you need to promote your content via social media and if you are luck and I mean very lucky it may become viral, but even if it doesn’t just keep making content and spreading it as far and wide as possible and one day you may become a YouTube Star.
Now the way you monetize it can be many fold. First if you select ad revenue you get a certain percentage if your video is viewed so many times. Another way and this is newer is to use Patreon as your source of income. Normally you offer up additional bonuses for people who contribute more money per month. You can have a reward system like most YouTubers do now. The other way to make money is to offer up Affiliate Links in your video description that you can get income from as well.

So there you have the top 5 Work From Home Jobs. Most take work and dedication none of them are an instant fortune right out the gate, but most can become a great source of income later on if you stick to it and work hard to get your business running. Remember all of these are businesses and you need to handle them as such. There are no get rich quick schemes just working hard in the right direction.

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