The Lie They Told You As A Kid

Work Till You Die That Is The Plan


If you are lucky you have about 75 years of life.  I remember when I was a kid that seemed like forever.  Now it seems far too short and way to short to not be pursuing your dreams.  In school they ask you to pursue your dreams, but what they don’t tell you is how.  They show you how to get a job and train you how to work a nine to five job.  What they never tell you is that you can make money outside of the nine to five.  You do not have to punch a clock to make a living.

The Lie That Keeps Being Told To Everyone

Our society is built around people fulfilling their jobs.  If everyone believed they could achieve anything then who would pick up your trash or clean up your buildings as a janitor?  No one that’s who.  Our society is structured this way.  We don’t have a caste system like India where people are born in to a certain job set and stuck with it for the rest of their lives, but our system is close.  You are trained from day one to just accept that you will be working until your late sixties contributing to society and anything else is just a hopeless dream that should be put out of your mind.


So when you graduate you get the job that pays you enough to live off of, but not enough to ever think about leaving, and you get stuck.  The years roll by and you are still stuck.  One day you wake up and where did your life go.  You wanted to do so much, see so much, experience so much.  All of your dreams just a distant memory and your youth gone with them.  This is NOT how anyone should live.  You only have right here right now.  Tomorrow is promised to no one, not you nor anyone else, and 75 years is so woefully short a time especially if you are expected to retire at 67.

Who is to say what your health is going to be at 67.  Are you going to be able to ski the alps or parachute out of a plane?  67 is way too late to start living your life, you have already worked your good years away, and sold them for cheap.

What ever your age or place in life I want you to know you have better options then plodding away at some dead end job.  I have worked horrible job after horrible job, treated like trash by my only slightly better paid bosses.  To be honest I am glad I have had such horrible experiences.  It made me thirsty for way more.  If I had succeeded in my dreams of becoming an engineer I would have been doing OK, but then I would have become comfortable and just let things pass me by.  Instead I was unable to complete my schooling due to finances and I had to drop out.


Let me tell you the job market is rough, but it taught me what I didn’t want to keep doing.  Think about it, you go to work and you stress over things.  You stress over getting things done at the deadline.  You worry about pleasing your boss or you could lose your job.  If you lose your job then who will pay your bills.  All of these worries pile up and crush you under their weight.  It was realizing this that I got angry.  Now anger is not a bad thing.  It means something needs to change.  You can get mad hit a wall, scream, or figure out why you are angry and resolve to change it.  That is where I decided to value me and my loved ones over all else.  I and you have been grossly under valued.  You are not just a cog in a machine.  You are an amazing human being full of so much potential, you just need to see it.

I don’t know about you, but I had so many doubts so many “buts” in my life.  I want to succeed “but”, I want to not live pay check to paycheck “but”.  So many road blocks in my mind keeping me from even considering pursuing my dreams, “but” my drive to get out of my miserable situation was stronger so I broke out of my mental trap I was in.  I poured over the Internet looking for a solution and I found that the Internet was the solution.  There are so many ways to make an amazing living off of the Internet, you just have to try it.

Now it did take me a while to act.  I kept letting the fear stop me dead in my tracks.  Lucky for me my situation kept getting more miserable at work and I one day snapped and said I will succeed.  There was no other option in my mind any more.  There was no “if” just “will”.  That is why I built this site for those of you who have had enough like me.  Do you want success?  Do you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck wondering if it will all come crashing down?  Now is the time to invest in yourself and your dreams.  It doesn’t take much there are so many ways to go about it.  All you need to do is start.  Even if you fail at least you are trying, don’t let it discourage you, let it drive you.  When I was in martial arts my sensei said he learned more from losing then he ever learned from winning.  It is true, if you win you use what you already know if you lose something you didn’t expect happened and it is truly a learning experience for you to grasp.


I have tried it all.  I have tried get rich schemes promising millions while they were the only ones making millions.  I have tried various forms of Internet businesses.  I have found a few that work but non as effective as Affiliate Marketing.  It is the business strategy that lets you work hard at the start and later just get passive income later on.  You can live the retirement lifestyle while still owning a business.  That is what I have found through all my research and trial and error.

Everyday passes you by if you are not happy then why?  Get mad get motivated to change where you are and what you are doing.  Don’t just work your job until you die.  Work on living your life.  I believe that every moment is precious.  You will not get another today, and tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  You could be the most fit person on the planet and when it is your time, it is your time.  So live today.

Start something today.  I suggest Affiliate Marketing it is the best business strategy and you can get free websites to get you started and even free training.  There are so many other ways to make money online as well.  Work on something and don’t get discouraged keep fighting let it drive you.  Life is too damn short to not pursue your dreams and live on your terms.  Keep fighting until you do succeed.

What are your dreams please comment and share.  My dreams are to make enough money to help others.  I want to change even just a small part of the world for the better.


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