I Hate Having To Keep My Mouth Shut At Work

You Keep Your Mouth Shut At Work

You have to now days

Here is where I was.  I have never been much for keeping my mouth shut when I see problems arising around me.  The problem I was facing was that I had my self and my girlfriend to take care of and my job even though it was not fulfilling, at all, it still payed better than most of the other places I could potentially get a job even with my very expensive college degree.  There was just so much going on that was wrong.  People being let go just to save a small amount of money.

My friend was a good worker she did her job and even when they expanded her job to include way more work than she initially started out doing she didn’t complain because she had two kids to take care of and even though her husband worked she still couldn’t afford to lose her job so she buckled down and did her duty.  Then one day on a Friday they told her 10 minutes before the end of her shift that she would be replaced with a TV monitor and a phone service and she had just worked her last day.  She was the receptionist of the hospital I worked at.  The heartless people who fired her also told her not to cry because it would upset the patients.  They offered her one week of pay as a severance package and also had her sign a contract stating she would not sue.  The CEO claimed that her being let go was just how things were in the medical field and it was unfortunate but a sacrifice we had to make.  Now mind you he makes near 500,000 a year and she made about 20,000 a year I didn’t see him make any sacrifice instead he sacrificed someone else on the alter of better profits.

I keep my mouth shut when all I want to do is yell at these horrible people, because I need my job too.  I raise concerns for the patients in forums and I get bullied in to retracting my statements.  Other people who have raised their concerns get punished by the administration.

A coworker of mine raised her concern of a serious violation called Ghost Staffing where they fill up the schedule regardless of people being scheduled or not.  She got moved to a unit immediately that they knew she hated.  Same thing happened when another staff raised a safety concern she got the same treatment.

All of these people have been bullied into silence just because they cannot afford to lose their jobs they get paid too well there and would have to sacrifice much to stand for what they believe.

You Keep Your Mouth Shut Too

You probably see many things a day that you don’t dare bring up because you could get punished at work and you need your money for you and your family.  So you keep you mouth shut and you just keep your head down, and keep enduring even when things keep getting worse.

Why I Chose To Create My Own Business

I can’t keep my mouth shut.  When I see something that is wrong I have a hard time staying quiet and it has cost me a lot.  So I decided the only person I could stand to work for was myself and no one else.  I knew my mouth would eventually get me fired at that horrible job so I started a business online, and worked hard to get it going.  Though it is no where near where I want it to be it is taking off.

There are many ways to create a business that you can call your own I chose to use Wealthy Affiliate but there are other ways.  If money is the issue then there are free ways and there are other ways than WA if you don’t want to go through their platform.  If you can’t keep you mouth shut like me then maybe you can choose to be your new boss.  All I ask is you try something rather than keeping quiet it isn’t good for you, you bottle too much up inside and it is bound to explode.

Tell me your story or feel free to ask questions down in the comments.  Thank you.

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