How To Stay Focused On Your Goals

How To Stay Focused On Your Goals

Most people have a hard time getting out of their own way.  I know I sure do.  I get waylaid by Youtube or just fear of action sometimes and I let things go and I do not focus on my goals.

You see my generation and the generations that followed have a harder time of it.  Things are too easy for most of us now days.  You want to know any fact well just Google it.  You want to have friends well then just post a Facebook profile and poof instant social gratification.  Everything seems like it is at the touch of a button.  Except the things that matter.  Yes you can get any amount of information you want at your fingertips.  Yes you can get social gratification in a heartbeat.  All of it is empty though.  Now I am not some luddite decrying all technology, but the ease with current technology has not taught people how to work hard for what they want.  I and many of my generation are the generation of NOW.  If it doesn’t happen right now or soon we believe it will never happen.  We want to be super rich, but when we find it may take some work or some sacrifice we give up before we even try.  I have done it and it was only recently that I realized these were the patterns I was going through as well.  I would spend so much time researching but never acting, dreaming but never even making one effort to move towards my dream.  I believed that my dreams would be just that, dreams.

Maybe some of you are like me always dreaming but never doing.  Always planning but never following through.  There is no easy button to success, trust me I would have found it by now in all of my searches on the internet.  Most are just a scam that makes the other person rich and makes their dreams come true.

So what is the answer, well it is simple and yet hard.  You break things down.  You make things manageable.  Do not expect to go from being broke today to being a millionaire tomorrow.  It is not impossible but you would have to have some serious skills or luck the likes of which a leprechaun has never seen.  So for us normal people with normal luck and skills we have to start small.  Create small goals and see them as successes.  The main thing you have to do is Start I mean really Start don’t just act like it and give up when the going gets a little tough.  Start something today even if it is just 20 minutes out of your day do something.  Write a list of your goals, write it do not type it.  Writing engages a different part of your brain and engages more of it.  Write a list of your goals and hang it somewhere you will see it everyday.  I hang mine on my computer screen, so I have to move it before I start working on my computer.

If you do not move forward then you will stay stuck, no one else is going to do it for you.  They have their own problems to deal with.  You have to get your self moving, trust me it will be hard at the start there are so many more fun things to do then work towards your future, but think of the free time you will have when you do become rich.  Money is time and less work remember that.  You are working toward your freedom and you will have more time than if you work some dead end job for the rest of your life.

  1.  Start by writing down your goals
  2. Then write down a plan of action
  3. Make it detailed and easy to follow
  4. Set aside time to work on your goals even 20 minutes a week is better than nothing
  5. Set milestones you can achieve
  6. Remember if you do not succeed it is not a failure it is a learning experience.  Some of the richest people had many setbacks but they kept on working and trying and they did succeed.
  7. Do not give up on your dreams the road to them may change but your dreams should remain.

What if I don’t know even where to start?  I hear you say well then here are some links to some actionable ways to make money and become financially independent that might help, and know if you need more help just write in the comments section and I will try to help you as well.

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