How To Retire At 40

Can I Retire At 40?


That is a question most of us in our thirties are asking now.  You have probably worked for over ten years now and you are wondering when will the rat race end.

If you went to college you have either found that your education did not bring you the riches that were promised you when you went in, and you have a sizable debt on top of it.  Those who didn’t get a college degree well you have probably been working hard for many years without much upward movement.  Feel glad you are not saddled with tons of debt on top of it.

What I found when I had my nice shiny new degree was that every one wanted me to have experience, they didn’t care about my degree so I have worked one dead end job after dead end job because more qualified people have applied for the same jobs I have went for.  The sad truth is the jobs I have been trying to get are entry level jobs that barely pay above ten dollars an hour.  How am I supposed to pay off my enormous ever growing debt with that amount of money.  Sadly I am afraid most of you who are reading this might be in a similar boat to me.  Even if you didn’t get a degree you still are not making much probably, not enough to live out your dreams by any stretch of the imagination.  This is why I made this site because there is a better way.

There is so much opportunity today that even thirty years ago they didn’t have.  If you want to open up your own business you can and it is simple and cheap to do so.  There is one business model I am going to talk about today and that is affiliate marketing.  Now this model leverages the amazing power of the internet to make you money.

Let me first say that this is not a get rich scheme or a scam this is completely a legitimate way to make a good almost obscene living with a lot of hard work at the start and little effort for the rest.  So here is how it works have you ever read a review on a product you were just itching to buy or went to a blog to find information about a product.  I am sure you saw that they had a link to that product that was very convenient, all you had to do was click on the link and you were taken to some sort of sale page like Amazon or Ebay and you were able to buy the product right on the spot.  The truth is they make a commission on the sale.

That is how affiliate marketing works you build a website and promote a product or service and other people click on your links and you get a percentage of the sale.  Amazon is one of the better affiliates programs out there offering about ten percent of each sale on a big ticket item like a Nikon camera that can go for upwards or $1500 that is $150 a sale.  With just ten sales you are at $1500 a month.  With Amazon they also don’t just give you the sale of the item you are promoting, but a percentage of any item purchased as well, so long as they clicked on your link.

Now there is a great service I use myself called Wealthy Affiliate that helps with this very model.  They have amazing in-depth training that takes you step by step through the process.  They will help you get to the top.  Here is my in-depth review of their service, for what you get and how much it is it truly is the best service out there.

So you are wondering how to get started I am sure.  Fear not I am going to tell you.  First you need to come up with a niche.  Now this has to be something that is a fear, problem or burning desire.  With this you should expand out lets take bug collecting.  People who are bug collectors love it.  They would love a blog that tells them every facet of the hobby.  You can provide them a resource for their hobby.  Where to look how to look.  How to collect the bugs.  On your blog you will also offer up great products that will help them in their bug collecting journey.

Since you have given them so much information for free they are more then willing to trust your judgment and buy the product you suggest.  Now here is where I say that you should always be honest, this is what keeps people coming back and they will sugges you to their friends.  Remember this, one happy person will tell 10 people about you one unhappy person will tell the world.  So be honest and forthright.

You now have an idea now you need a platform to start getting an audience.  Now this can be done many ways you can start a free Facebook page, get a free website, or buy your own.  Now I know many of you will want to do the free options and I cannot blame you, but if you are at all serious one day you will have to get your own sites.  With that said Wealthy Affiliate offers two free websites and training on them at no charge at all, and you can keep them forever.

I suggest you get your feet wet and try out affiliate marketing in some way, you have nothing to lose.  I bought my own sites from the start and made some good money, but I didn’t understand as much until I went with Wealthy Affiliate.

Now you have your vehicle for reaching the masses.  Now you have to drive traffic to your affiliate links.  Social media is the best way to do this it takes some time, but people will start clicking on your links.  People will start clicking your links and you will start making some money.  Now just ramp it up and you are off to the races.  Now this all does take time you are not going to be an internet millionaire over night, those are flukes.  With hard work and dedication though you will see a return on your time invested.  The great thing about this is it is pretty much a passive income.  Your website will just sit there getting people visiting it day after day and you just sit back and collect the commissions.

This is much faster than your regular job though with in a couple of years you can replace your income and make more than you make now.  You just have to do the work and keep at it.  This is how you can retire at 40 maybe even sooner and the best part is you barely have to work on it once you have your website producing money.

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