How To Rank In Google’s First Page

How To Rank In Google’s First Page

Sadly even if you do everything right it will take some time sometimes a year, even if your keywords have low competition.  Now this is not always the case if you are the only person with that keyword you will normally be first on Google just by virtue of fact that no one else is there.  So your question I assume now is “how do I get traffic” if I cannot count on Google Initially.  Well that is a many fold process and one that does take work but one you can see almost instant results from and the cool thing is it will boost your chances with Google too because they will see that your site is active.

1.  Sign up for social accounts some are better than others one of the best is Pinterest. Create a Pinterest account and make sure it is in line with your websites themes then go out and find other peoples pins that are of the same kind of content.  This is important you want your Pinterest account to look like a regular one and not just a sale page for your website so pin lots of other content.  Now you can post your web pages but you may want to wait here and this is why.  You need to develop a following and that following will see your cool posts and want more.  How you create a following is to go to other peoples profiles that are in the same niche as you and follow all of their followers you can follow about 300 every 5 hours or so.  You will get about a 20% return on this of people following you.  So follow a huge amount of people and they will follow you then post your website content make sure that it looks good.  Here is an amazing post on how to make Pins that look amazing.  How they are formatted and such.

Part 1

Part 2

Keep following people when ever you can then soon it will reach critical mass where you will just get followers if you post new content and keep peoples interest.  This can take about a few weeks though it can be very fast if you really put some effort into it.  I went from 0 to 20 people per day in a couple of weeks but I really followed a ton of people at the start.

2.  Quora, this is a great way to get traffic though it is kind of fleeting at times I went from 0 to 30 visitors in one day by doing this, but I dropped down when I stopped. So create a Quora account and make sure it is linked to your website.  Put in your profile your url and what you are there to do with it.  It is important that you are not spammy with this account this is where you will get credibility and this will be a great long term traffic creator if you do it right.  Look for recent questions about your topic and make sure to answer them and answer them thoroughly make sure it is written like one of your blogs lots of spaces bullets and pictures to illustrate your content.

Now this is like a casino in a way there are times when you will write that golden post that will be shared amongst the world by everyone and it will drive traffic to your website like crazy and then you will have duds.  For the most part your answers will attract good traffic make sure not to spam your website too much but if it is relevant then put it at the bottom.  With this you will see amazing results now some people say to look for the thousands of followers questions but if you are just starting out it is best to answer the newer ones with very few answers this way you stand out.  Oh and try to be fresh and original if you are on one of the bigger questions.  Always try to be thorough and you will see a great increase of traffic.

3.  This method is the general traffic that other people tell you how to get. Get a Google + account it will help a great deal in ranking and getting some traffic.  One being that Google Plays favorites and it likes to see a website using their social account.  The other is Facebook and Twitter create accounts on both and make sure to post in your websites name so that people associate your answers with your site.  With Facebook try to find pages with the same content and answer questions and comment on posts that are in the same line as your website.

4.  One method I even forgot about is Yahoo Answers.  Yes that dated old thing that most people go to Quora for is still very relevant and can be great. If you answer the right questions and are voted as best answer. Make sure to put your website at the bottom of every answer you post there so it can be a lead generation.  The same rules apply for your answers on Yahoo as on Quora just make sure to be thorough and unique.

5.  Article marketing is it still valid? Why yes it is just not as much as it used to be.  This is where you go to other sites and see if they will allow you to write a unique piece for their site.  There are also other places to get your articles out like news outlets that will be happy to post your article for free.  You just have to find the ones in your niche.  You can also publish the articles directly on your social accounts.  Make sure to have links to your website in your author portion of the article you write.

6.  Reddit now this is a hard way to drive traffic but once the ball gets rolling it can do wonders. Go to Reddit and establish yourself there take the time to do this.  Answer questions and interact, this will go a long way.  Now after you have spent some time there and built up some Karma as it were.  Then go out and find a news article in your field that is new and very trendy and rewrite it and make sure the title is very catching and post a link to it from your site.  If your link you posted from your site is voted up it can become first page on that sub Reddit niche and get insane amounts of traffic.

A top tip and one that is kind of simple people love top 5 or 10 articles because it seems easy to read for them.  They normally get more traffic oddly enough.

All of these methods give amazing back-links that will help with your Google ranking and can drive you up fast in Google searches as well.  These methods will help you rank on Google’s first page, by showing that your website is getting traffic.

To learn more about this check out my Wealthy Affiliate review they are an amazing service and a great place to start.

Hope this helps you get traffic soon and good luck.

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