Can I Retire At 30?

The Plan To Retire Early

Many people want to know how early they can retire.  The time can vary greatly if you are lucky enough to work for some big company like Microsoft or Google then you probably can retire in your mid thirties.  For most of us though we normally have to wait until we are near one foot in the grave to retire, until now.

So you are not going to get to retire if you don’t evaluate what you want out of life.  If you love your job and love punching a clock from now until you are old then great.  For me and many others though life is way too short.  The months are flying by in a blink before you know it your twenties are gone and long forgotten and you are now marching towards your forties at a break neck pace.  You go to work day in and day out and if you are very incredibly lucky you like your job.  For the rest of us though it is a means to an end.  We work so we can afford to live, not live well mind you just live.

Most jobs wages are not designed to make you a millionaire in any time frame.  So you just work and maybe take a vacation and then come back to your job and work some more.  This doesn’t sound like living to me it sounds like servitude.  All the while you live in fear.  Fear of losing your job, fear of losing your home, fear of your health failing you.  There are so many fears that come with living pay check to paycheck.  One financial misstep or catastrophe could ruin you.  I am here to tell you though there is a better way.  Now disregarding fortunes made by working for big well paying companies, and just getting lucky somehow.  There is a way to make a lot of money in a short time.


By leveraging the power of the Internet you can make an amazing living and not work all that hard at it.  I know it sounds too good to be true but hear me out.  This is not a get rich scheme.  There are many ways to make money on the Internet some of them have a low return on time invested and some have a very high return on time invested.  There are more then two but I am going to focus on the two main ones for a more in-depth list check out my article about quitting your job.

The first model is called affiliate marketing.  Basically companies pay you a percentage of sale to do their advertising for them.  You build a web page and get people to go to your website and then people click on your promotions and you make a percentage of that sale.  This can also be done some other ways but the concept is the same, just different media to reach your audience.  Now why is this such a great model?  Well first it is a lot of work to get your website going and get traffic I am not going to lie about that.  You will go for a while with out seeing much in the way of profit.  If you stick with it though it can net you tons of cash.

Here is how affiliate marketing works.  Pick a topic or an audience, this is called a niche, then start writing good content that the people would want to read about said topic or what appeals to your audience.  Then promote your website using article marketing and social media.  With traffic comes people wanting to buy the product you promote.

Once your website is set up then all you have to do is add some content weekly and that is about it.  Now most sites once all the leg work is done can be expected to make anywhere from $100 to over $1000 a month.  If you build multiple sites each with its own audience, then the sky is the limit.  if you have 10 sites each generating $1000 a month that is $10,000 a month, and you don’t have to stop there.  Once the first website is up and going the successive ones take less time and are easier to do.  Also you can hire other people to worry about the finer details leaving you time to work on other projects or take that trip to the Bahamas that you have always wanted.

Now it is not an easy route it will take work, but trust me when I tell you that it is a whole lot easier then your current job right now and when you start making a living you will be able to spend all your time with your family and friends and never have to worry about punching a clock again.  To get started I highly recommend  Wealthy Affiliate They are amazing and there is no service out there like them.  They will help you every step of the way with their amazing community and ever growing training.  Check out my review of them here.

The second business model I highly suggest is drop-shipping.  It is similar to affiliate marketing but has a different model in some ways.  With drop-shipping I suggest you use your own website but you can use Amazon or Ebay as well.  There are others as well some people suggest Shopify, but I don’t know much about that business right now so I am neutral.  Now the reason why I suggest using your own website is because you control it.  With Amazon and Ebay you are at there precarious whim.  If they choose to change the rules on you or ban your account for some stupid reason then your entire business is gone in an instant.  Where as if you have your own website then there is no way to lose your business.  Now That is not to say that they are not good places to start and get your feet wet, but you are subject to their prices, conditions and fees.

All this talk about platform and only just getting to how to do it sorry.  The idea of drop-shipping is to take advantage of market inefficiencies.  If you can buy something for $5 and sell it somewhere else for $30 and have it shipped directly to the buyer then you make a good profit.  Most people go through Alibaba for wholesalers, be warned there are some very unscrupulous companies out there so be careful and research them.  This is where I would mention a program that would help you, but the only one I have found is SaleHoo and in good conscience I can’t really recommend their services.  They have a good product don’t get me wrong just too many people and not enough good ideas and sellers.  That and the information they provide can be easily found on Google.  Here is an in-depth review if you are interested.  Now I have already mentioned Wealthy Affiliate they more cater towards blogs, but driving traffic is driving traffic, and they can show you how to do that well.  One amazing and quick method of drop-shipping is demonstrated in the video below.  I do not own this video it was created by one amazing man who wants to help others make money.  I get nothing from this video either I just think it is a great model that can be implemented in the next week if you need extra cash.

There are so many different ways to make money online.  Affiliate marketing and drop-shipping are just the tip of the iceberg.  They in my opinion are the best methods and I highly suggest Wealthy Affiliate as a way to get started.  You do not have to work some underpaying job, and you can retire at 30 if you want to.

Thank you for reading if you have any questions or comments please leave them.

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