Welcome To Early Retirement Hub

Welcome To The Early Retirement Hub

Hello and welcome to my site.  I started this site to help people achieve their goals of early retirement or just getting out of the rat race, and stop living the differed life plan.  So a little about me my name is Rick and I have worked dead end job after dead end job all while having a ton of school debt because I believed my parents when they told me that having a college degree would open many doors.  Sadly that is not the case anymore, it used to be the truth back when a college degree didn’t cost the price of a house, and people were looking for educated people now days that is not the case.  So I have been working jobs that don’t pay and have crushing debt that didn’t help me.  I can imagine many of you are in a similar boat.  Renting your house, paying off an old struggling car, and worrying about money constantly.  Even if you are doing better then this I still want to help you.  You see today is the best day to be around.  The opportunities are so much more then you can possibly imagine.  So I will show you how to invest your money and how to make better money, so you can retire early and live your life now and not wait till your are 75 to enjoy your life.

The first thing I want you to ask yourself is what do you really want.  Do you want to just be comfortable working your day to day and not getting that far ahead or do you want a better life the kind of life where you can take time for yourself and family?  Do you want to be able to travel and not have to ask your boss if it is OK?  Do to want to spend money and not worry about how it will affect you in the future?

Now this is not easy it takes work and dedication, you cannot just wish for things to happen you have make things happen.  So stop dreaming and today resolve to change your life.