Is The Quantum Code And Orion Code A Scam

Is The Quantum Code And Orion Code A Scam

The Short answer is YES emphatically Yes.

The only person these programs serve to make rich are the founders not the poor unsuspecting people who pour their money into these scams hoping to just get a little ahead.

Now why did I lump these two programs together well they are the same thing just  the Orion Code is the new name and face of the old Quantum Code.

Their add copy for their adds is exactly the same to the point of using the same names of success stories.  Why would they have to re-brand if their success was so great to make millionaires out of people over night one would think that they would stick with their amazing brand.

Quantum Code also had a Cindy who was too busy.


How Are The Quantum Code And The Orion Code A Scam

This is a program that claims you do not need to spend any money to start but then hits you with a $250 trading fee where they will invest your money with their chosen trader.  Essentially they are gambling with your money.

They get 30% of the money you invested, a minimum of $250, then they gamble your money on the foreign exchange market.  They have a nice disclaimer freeing them from liability as well.

This is a nice little clause helping freeing them from responsibility of losing all of your money.  Most of the people I have heard about have not made millions but have lost what ever money they have invested in to this scam.

It gets even better.

How They Profit Off Of You

You might think 30% of your hard earned money that they blow gambling should be enough but it isn’t.  You see you are now a commodity to them you have given them your email address which they will use to push scams your way.  Also your email they can sell for more money as well to other scammers.  Oh and now they have your phone number as well to do the same.  Oh and now they have your bank or your credit card details, which I have heard that some people have experienced similar scams to this one billing them more money that they did not authorize.

The Hard Sell

On their site they use pressure tactics to trick you in to signing away your savings by creating what is called false scarcity.  This tactic is used all the time where they will claim they only have so many slots in their amazing program and it just so happens only 2 are left so act now or miss the opportunity of a life time.  Wait now there is only 1 slot left better get it before it is gone.  The whole sales pitch is designed to make you feel like you might miss out on the opportunity of a life time.

There are other hard selling tactics as well like their video oh so subtly having the main guy receive text messages from people around the world to let you know that you can sign up for this scam in other countries.

They dangle a carrot in front of you showing how rich you can be then they show you their amazing private jet which they rented for the video and their personal assistants who are paid actors and actresses that have been oddly in other videos.  Not to mention the main person trying to sell the video has also been in other videos going under different names.  Sounds a little fishy doesn’t it.

Also if you look up Michael Crawford or Edward Robinson there is not a Forbes article about this generous famously nice rich man anywhere out there.  They are using the appeal to authority fallacy to make you think they are legitimate.  You think why would they lie about that, it would be easy to look up so most people don’t question it.



There are no get rich quick schemes out there only roads with hard work behind them if you are willing to do the work then you can get rich but scams like this appeal to those who are looking for the quick fix.  Most of these programs will leave you poorer than you already are.  There are free ways to generate income I have an article about it.  There are other systems that do work and do not promise the world but with work and dedication you can make money online.

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