About Me


Hello my name is Rick I have been working dead end jobs for far too long.  I have not even dreamt of saving for my retirement and I am in my mid thirties.  I read a book saying that if you have not been saving for retirement since your early twenties then you probably will not be able to retire at all even.  So I have been looking at a bleak future where I will be working till I die and never be able to get ahead.  I have a degree but it doesn’t do me any good since now days a degree is not worth much in the working world.  I tried for another degree, but I ran out of federal funding because the tuition kept raising dramatically each semester.  So I have huge college debt and a low paying job, if I was lucky with the minimum payments I was paying I would pay off my loans in a 1000 years, maybe.  I worry about my health, money, and everything else you could worry about.

I created this website so that you can learn with me what are some of the best ways to retire later and hopefully early.  I am learning this stuff as I go. I have have listened to financial advisors telling me to get an IRA or some other retirement vehicle.  Here we will discover what is best for you and your situation.  I am starting from ground zero and I am writing this as such.  I do not make much money so saving for retirement was not an option.  Here I will explore other routes that even someone who is just starting out can try.

Now I believe in affiliate marketing as a good vehicle to make money.  It is not for everyone but it could help some who are interested.  I found one of the best programs is through Wealthy Affiliate I have started to make a little money through the Internet and I have realized that that is just the start.  There are many other vehicles for making money some online and off here we will dive into all of them.  You see I have a dream of being my own boss not having to adhere to the rules of some organization that doesn’t see me as a person but as a cog in a machine. If you have the same dream then you have come to the right place.

So this will be my and our journey to achieve a better life a life that you enjoy not one that you dread every morning.  I hope you find this site informative and helpful and if you every have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below any article.